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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability - Doing business the right way

Victrex is proactively embedding sustainability right at the heart of our business and we believe sustainability can help Victrex succeed in the future.

Whilst financial results remain an important measure of success, to be a truly successful global business, we are working hard to continuously improve our positive impact on the environment and society, and progressively embed sustainability within our business.

We have challenged and refreshed our key priorities and metrics, helping to promote new activities, as well as bringing many existing programmes of work together and improving communications on the successes we are delivering in this area. We have made considerable progress, including engaging with numerous key stakeholders, adopting new greenhouse gas emission reporting requirements, participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project for the first time and we have a cross functional Sustainability Steering Group, chaired by a member of the Executive Management Team, and whose remit includes delivery of a range of sustainability programmes including, but not limited to:

  • Our Products and Services
  • Our Environmental Impact
  • Our Employees
  • Our Stakeholders
  • Our Communities

Acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right thing to do for our business, helping us to maintain our competitive advantage.

Our reputation as an ethical and trustworthy business partner is one of our most valuable assets and is critical to our success. It is important we uphold our good reputation and can be trusted by all of our stakeholders, not just investors, but our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our Victrex Global Code of Conduct ('Code') formalises the ethics that are fundamental to the way we already do business and is supported with key policies, including Anti-Bribery, Competition (Anti-Trust) and Data Protection.

Through our Code of Conduct, which underpins our whole business, we demonstrate that we operate ethically, show integrity and act responsibly – simply the way we would expect others to work and to treat us. By complying with applicable laws, Company policies and this Code, we ensure that we conduct ourselves consistent with the highest ethical standards.

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