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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability - embedded in Victrex's culture

David Hummel

Sustainability is now firmly embedded in Victrex's culture, ensuring that our sustainable products are recognised for providing a competitive advantage to our customers and markets, for example in reducing CO2 emissions in aircraft, as well as reflecting the strides we are making to maximise our own resources and be a responsible business.

Victrex has made considerable progress in its sustainability journey over recent years. Whilst financial results remain an important measure of success, to be a truly successful global business, we will work hard to continually improve our positive impact on the environment and society, and to ensure our sustainable products can deliver real competitive advantage to our customers and markets.

We have introduced a clear and bold sustainability vision and targets across our new focus areas of:

  • Sustainable solutions
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Social Responsibility

For each of these areas, we have metrics to assess our performance against our 2023 goal, which is timed for the 30th anniversary of Victrex being formed (1993 saw the management buyout of Victrex from ICI). Our 2023 goals are clear and measurable, and we believe they will show real long term progress for Victrex, as a business that is using sustainability in a proactive way and to deliver a competitive advantage.