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About Victrex - an Innovative World Leader

Victrex is an innovative world leader in high performance materials, serving a diverse range of markets. Every day, millions of people rely on products or applications which contain our thermoplastic polymers (plastics), from smartphones, aeroplanes and cars to oil & gas platforms and medical devices. Our high performance polymer solutions are based around PEEK (polyetheretherketone), a durable, high strength and lightweight plastic that has a unique combination of properties, helping to improve reliability, reduce weight and energy usage, and become a material of choice in an increasing range of products and applications. PEEK is part of the PAEK (Polyaryletherketone family of polymers).

Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in the UK and we are a major exporter (over 97% export from the UK), with technical and customer support facilities located across our major markets, serving more than 40 countries. From commercial, research & development and technology to production, we employ over 700 people worldwide. Our annual sales (to the end of 2016) were £253 million.

As a focused and market led innovation company, we are investing to drive future value by leveraging our global reach, customer relationships and technological knowhow, delivering solutions to our customers now and in the future, and enhancing our application and technology leadership.

Our markets

Victrex serves a diversified range of strategic markets which offer large and impactful high volume and high margin opportunities. With long term megatrends in our favour, our chosen markets offer us the ability to deliver on our strategy of Product Leadership; delivering new and leading edge solutions to our customers and our markets:

  • Aerospace – weight reduction is a strategic imperative in the global aerospace industry, helping to reduce fuel cost. Our materials are specified on several of the world's leading aircraft platforms, including for use in brackets and thermal acoustic blankets
  • Automotive – fuel efficiency and durability are key drivers for the global car industry. Our materials help reduce weight and emissions, and improve durability on components such as transmission and braking systems
  • Electronics – with smartphones, tablets and technology getting thinner, smaller and smarter, our materials help to ensure that technology can cope with modern day demands. Our materials are used in components including speaker diaphragms
  • Energy – increasingly extreme environments for oil & gas operators mean that materials need to perform better and remain durable, whatever the challenge. Our materials are used in components such as seals and connectors, and piping systems
  • Medical – an ageing global population and demand to replace worn out body parts means more durable solutions are required across the medical market. From our core Spinal fusion market to our newer and emerging markets of dental, trauma and knee, we are leveraging our technical excellence and innovation to deliver new solutions to surgeons, medical device companies and ultimately patients


Global megatrends reach into every aspect of our lives and are shaping the way the future unfolds, creating growth opportunities for Victrex:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Natural resource depletion
  • Thinner, smaller and smarter electronic devices
  • Ageing global population

Our product solutions

With global megatrends creating growth opportunities, our customers and end users specify VICTREX PEEK to provide solutions to their problems. This leads to application benefits such as:

  • Improved reliability and operational lifetime
  • Ease of complex component fabrication
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Extreme environment tolerance
  • Lighter materials via metal replacement